Hello, Shiva

He wears pompous well as I wear muse
The act dissolves, and I feel used
Grasping at love is a Catch-22
Ripe pain forsakes vine
Burrows down to sprout through

I surrender and I'm not afraid
Fertility blossoms from cavernous shade
I am the Zeitgeist
Never been realer
Potential, the drug
Now forgiving the dealer

If you seek permission, look inside
What you need is within you
The game is a lie
Leap over the suffering
Claim who you are
Give it up already
Everybody's a star

Pond Song

Meandering tinted leaves
Coaxing rays of tangerine
Curiosity calmly crackles
Transcendent tones

Undomesticated prints
Her sapient tonal hints
Echo sacredly to soothe
Our buzzing bones

Sparkling turtle pond
Reflective ripples from beyond
Deeply douse me
In playful invitation

Emerging from my shady shell
To sip from Our collective well
Surrender daringly
To pure collaboration