Pond Song

Meandering tinted leaves
Coaxing rays of tangerine,
Curiosity calmly crackles
Transcendent tones.

Undomesticated prints,
Her sapient tonal hints
Echo sacredly to soothe
Our buzzing bones.

Sparkling turtle pond,
Reflective ripples from beyond
Deeply douse me
In playful invitation.

Emerging from my shady shell
To sip from Our collective well,
Surrender daringly
To pure collaboration.


Rosy affirmations charm the serpent in my skull.
Massage her scales with inhales,
And search for silence in the lull.

Darling companion,
Writhing in my soul,
Curtail base with grace.

Fitful friend of mine,
May we allow ourselves the time
To harvest trust in this fertile season.

The choices that we make
From behind this frothy wake
Hold promise beyond our reason.


Disillusionment is the gatekeeper to clarity,
Pay a toll of the lies that once clothed you.
Naked on a new frontier, sandy winds whip raw flesh.
Remember the hearth you emerged from,
Momentarily forgetting the eventual iciness that repelled you.

Which way to go from here,
When knowledge you leaned on collapses
And all that remains is horizon?

You can forge new meaning
Or curl up like the fetus you are again,
Beg the earth to swallow you.

Suppose you choose to pioneer.
Which way will you go from here?